Resources for Earth Energies

Janet MacPherson Moller, Geomancer
Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Janet Macpherson Moller (JJ) is an artist, geomancer, dowser, and tender of earth connection working to guide people in rediscovering the richness and beauty present in our relationships with the natural world.

A love of nature and artistic creativity has been vitally important to JJ since early childhood.  She received a BFA in Interior Design from UMASS-Amherst and then began to pursue a course of instruction and apprenticeship with leading experts in geomancy, labyrinths, green building and sustainable communities.  Her studies, as well as visits to both well-known and obscure sacred sites, have taken her to England, Scotland, New Zealand, New Mexico, Arizona and New England.

Janet is a self-taught dowser.  She also has her own business, Dancing Stone Jewelry, from which she sells her beautiful hand-painted beach stone creations.  Connection to natural and mystical landscapes combined with her interest in Celtic spirituality and shamanic tradition strongly influences her geomantic and artistic work.

Testimonial: I first started working with JJ in 2000 and highly recommend her for anything related to Geomancy and Earth Energies.  The scope of our work included Feng Shui, divination for ley lines, earth acupuncture and the discovery of a power center. Her depth of knowledge and expertise had a huge impact on how we utilized our living space to create a harmonious relationship within our home and on our land. Please contact JJ and tell her we sent you. – Dianne Morais

Margie Perrier
No Yarmouth, ME   Click to email Margie
Margie Perrier has been actively studying spirituality for over 20 years.  Fueled by the intention to bridge the gap between physical and spirit, as well as a desire for a better self-understanding, she studied with Vywamus through Patricia Marston-Snow for 8 years. This experience brought her an awareness of how thoughts and feelings are constantly creating her reality and opening her to a continual expansion of self-empowerment.

Her degree in Music, Dance and Theater from Douglas College, Rutgers University, laid the foundation for her understanding of energy, emotions and the body.  She has since studied shiatsu, angelspeak, reiki, IET, and has been a family mediator. Having worked with crystals both in creating jewelry and selling beautiful crystals from Brazil, she has an intimate knowledge of their vibration and how it affects and complements our energy flow.

Working one-on-one or with a group, her objective is your empowerment and the realization of your Inner Being.  She uses energy work, meditation, discussion and the ‘singing bowls’ to achieve this goal.

Crystals and gemstones

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