Elementals, Nature Spirits

Elementals are builders that bring life forms into existence

Elementals, Nature Spirits, are the builders that work with the pattern and energy held by the Devas to bring each life form into existence. They are believed to be the life force in all living things. They are a lower type of Nature Spirit and have a lower energy vibration compared to Angels and tend to the forces of nature embodied in the four elements – earth, air, fire and water.  In addition to existing in the four elements it is thought they are present in the planets and stars, as well as the signs of the zodiac and the hours of the day and night. Generally, Elementals are looked upon as benevolent creatures that maintain natural harmony; the building block of nature.

Each Elemental lives exclusively within its own element and appears as a miniature humanoid.  The gnomes are odd and misshapen while others are delicate and beautiful. You can tune into Elementals by their qualities.  The most common types are Gnomes, Undines, Sylphs and Salamanders:

Gnomes – earth elemental – tending the earth

Gnomes work and maintain the physical structure of the earth.  They help us to tune into the earth’s energies and show us how to best utilize them.  Gnomes will assist us in maintaining our physical bodies and help us become aware of our physical senses.Fairies and Fish in water

Undines -water elemental – guardians of the sea

Undines hold, express and support all aspects of the element water. They are the expression of intuition, creative imagination, creation and birth. They can be found wherever there is a source of water. Undines are closely linked to our emotions and support us in staying connected to our feelings.

Sylphs – air elemental – domain is the sky, wind, clouds

The element air is the source of all energy. In different traditions this life force is called chi, ki, prana.  The Sylphs of the element air are found in tornadoes, northeasters, balmy breezes and stillness.

Salamanders – fire elemental – fire of creation to absorb and transmute

Salamanders are found everywhere but are most active underground. They are responsible for volcanoes, lightning, heat, flames, explosions, anger, jealousy, heartburn, even hot flashes.  They are always present in healing because of their transformative qualities.

nature spiritThere remains a large selection of Nature Spirits you may meet and each of these belongs to and works through one of the elemental groups.  The myriad of names includes:

Dwarfs, Pixies, Sprites, Griffins, Phoenix, Tree Spirits, Water Spirits, Flower Faeries, Elves, Leprechauns, Lady of the Wood, Lady of the Lake, Brownies, Giants, Dragons, Mermaids, Mermen, Centaurs, Fauns, Unicorns, Sirens, Dryads, Pygmies,  and more…