Get ready to ignite your inner guidance system, Intuition!

Intuition is often described as a sixth sense, inner wisdom, inner guidance, an instinctIntuition Basics: this Compass is symbolic of our intuition guidance system, a gut feeling, a hunch and the list goes on. Join us as we explore the many ways intuitive messages can come to us and learn to fine tune this connection. We all have the ability to tune into this rich source of guidance and we all need support.  I’m a curious seeker learning to tune in to find my way in this changing world. There is a wealth of information and numerous authorities to learn from and we will glean the information and provide relevant news to keep you informed and on track.

Throughout history and in every culture, communication through intuition happens repeatedly in ways that current science cannot explain. Science is still pioneers in understanding this phenomenon and it is worth keeping an ear tuned to new discoveries and the release of information. Leaders to watch on important topics are Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.

Forget the When and the How (Intuition Basics)

“The when and the how are not our job.  It’s the what and the why.” Emily Fletcher guides us in an interview with Vishen Lakhiani about how to listen to our inner voice. “When you get an inspiration people then worry about when is it going to happen and how should I do it.  But the when and the how are not our job. What do I want and why do I want it? Get clear on that and then take those baby steps and the when and the how takes care of itself.”

Emily Fletcher is the founder of Ziva Meditation and the creator of zivaMind, the world’s first online meditation training. Ziva’s mission is to make meditation attractive and accessible to people who are ready to up-level their performance and their lives. Meditation and its benefits are a cornerstone to building a connection to your intuition.

How to tell if your intuitive information is accurate

Getting through to the right information and assessing it’s accuracy can require time and patience.  I’m still practicing but I have learned a few basics along the way that can help you get started or simply remind you where to look and and how to check in.  First and foremost, be open to the magic that is always present.  Believe in yourself and your ability to connect to the wealth of information that is waiting for us to awaken.  When seeking information expand your awareness by being mindful of your thoughts, feelings, surroundings.There are often subtle clues to direct you to a deeper or more powerful message.

Any accurate message you receive will be compassionate, neutral or kind. Often the information will elicit some curiosity and you may even get a surge of excitement. Place high importance on how the information feels in your body. Does it feel right in your gut and/or in your chest? Being able to receive and decipher intuitive messages accurately is a skill anyone can master with practice.

We have researched and gathered information to help you utilize your inner wisdom in business and relationships.  Check out the pages below to get specific ideas and information to aid your progress.

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