Healing Arts Resources

Here are some of the resources we know in the Healing Arts area:

Elisabeth Small, Henna Artist       New Gloucester, Maine           Click to email

Elisabeth Small, Henna Artist, a Healing Arts ResourceI began my journey with the sacred art of Henna, Majic and Culture of Mehndi, when I was eight years old. I lived in Spanish Harlem in the 1960s and 70s and many of my neighbors in my  apartment building  came from India.  I would love to go over to my friends house and watch the woman adorn one another with the beautiful fragrant henna paste.Henna gatherings are joyful celebrations full of magic and sensuality as the enchanting hues of crimson brown emerges into beautiful, magical works of art. Today I integrate Henna sessions with Reiki, Shamanic healing, and Aroma Touch for weddings, baby blessings, goddess circles, rites of passage, protection and good luck. I teach workshops about the historyand magic of Henna and handcraft my own organic paste with essential oils.

Lynn LeVasseur,  do Terra Oil and Wellness Advocate       Westbrook, Maine           Click to email

Lynn LdVasseur Essential Oils Resource

Lynn LeVasseur is a certified doTerra Aroma Touch Therapist and doTerra Wellness Advocate offering remote consultations via muscle testing to ask the body which oils are right for you, your physical, spiritual and emotional bodies. Essential oil consultations are free.  Lynn is also a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in deep tissue and Swedish massage, a Reiki II practitioner, Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator and holds an Angel Card Certification. Lynn’s has depth of knowledge and expertise for guiding people to better health and wholeness through a variety of holistic modalities.

For more information about body talk instruction and classes you can learn about the body talk system here.

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