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A Lunar Eclipse in Leo is a celestial treat

It will take another 2 decades for a lunar eclipse in Leo to take place again.  Therefore the upcoming eclipse on February 10th is a special celestial treat.

Lunar Eclipses bring change to events that you have been consciously thinking, feeling, and working on.

Solar Eclipses bring change to situations that you have been subconsciously working on.enhanced moon eclipse

Eclipses have always been considered to be special, for they herald a time of significant change. They are Life’s way of nudging you forward.

An Eclipse will be even more intense for those of you who have birthdays during the eclipse or within 5 days of an eclipse.

Also, those who have natal Rising, Sun, Moon, North Node, Angular Points (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th house cusp), or have a natal planet, or house cusp within a 5 degrees orb of where the eclipse will be taking place, will feel this the strongest. This particular eclipse in Leo will bring in a new chapter to the area of your life represented by the planet or point being triggered. The closer the orb, the greater the effect will be felt.

Regardless if the Eclipse is or is not happening on one of the aforementioned points for you, every single person WILL have the eclipse taking place in a house from 1-12, energizing that specific part of your chart, and indicating which area of your life is being given the opportunity to recreate and expand.

The first Eclipse of the year is taking place on February 10th, at 22°28′ Leo.


A Lunar Eclipse – time of harvest and fruition

A Lunar Eclipse is a time of harvest, and the fruition of events which we have been consciously focusing on. A Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Leo is giving you the opportunity to fully step into the unique Light that you have been focusing on becoming.

Whatever your dream, your project, the idea you’ve been creating and manifesting, now is the time for you to fully step into your brilliance and power. Leo is the sign of leadership, passion, courage and nobility. He is the lion, the King of the forest, the Sun, who illuminates our Solar System, as well as different parts of our universe as it spirals through it.

This is about you choosing to emanate the glory that you are. It is time for you to shine. Not from your brain, – for that is too limiting a force for one as great as the Sun, – but from your true authentic self, from the infinite intelligence of your heart.

It is time that we emerge in a fresh new sense of love for ourselves and all of life, and from this place shine our Light on our little corner of the world.

Author’s Bio – Hello, my name is Raquel. I’m from Brazil and I now reside in Maine. In addition to being in Raquel from Venus Jewelznature and reading books, you can find me actively creating a world where astrology is taught in the classrooms, where every man woman and child is aware of their own magnificence, living in harmony with their bodies and all of life. Welcome to my world!

Astrology came into my life after many years of voraciously studying and teaching branches of psychology, human behavior, NLP, emotional intelligence, coaching, body language, and more.

Today I am avidly fascinated with the oldest science in recorded history: astrology. I am confident it is time for everyone to personally understand how to access your own unique map, the blueprint that is rightfully yours to know and follow.



From February 6-June 9, Jupiter will be retrograde, taking a back seat while blessing us with the chance to re-evaluate our relationships and partnerships.

Since Jupiter entered Libra, in early September so much has taken place in the realms of relationships and partnerships, and now we need a little time to breathe, ponder, and masticate all the opportunities that have been presented to us, sift through the options, and determine what serves our highest purpose and what doesn’t.

Venus will be going retrograde shortly as well, only emphasizing the need to review relationship chapters in our life.

Above and foremost, with Jupiter going retrograde only a few days prior to the Lunar Eclipse in Leo, this configuration is allowing you to see that now is YOUR time to shine, and if the relationships in your life are causing you to dim your light in any way, you now have the opportunity to make necessary adjustments to ensure that you are not hiding your light behind your partner’s, but are accessing your inner courage to step forth and shine your own unique Light.