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Dianne Morais Maine, Cultivate Your IntuitionHello, Thanks for stopping by. I’m Dianne Morais, born in Maine and returned to my native nest where nature’s presence is strong and vibrant. I find great satisfaction in my organic gardens where I co-create an abundance of fruits and vegetables for friends and family.

I have been a casual seeker and believer of inner wisdom and attempted to hone my intuitive gifts for many years.  Progress has been slow.  I’ve been busy keeping up with the distractions of life.  I get pulled off course by family and relationships, running a traditional business and an occasional adventure.  I’m human.

My aspirations to connect more deeply with my inner wisdom have been renewed after a recent colon cancer diagnosis.  I am cancer free and actively realigning my priorities in a new light.  This website is a direct result of my search for meaning and my desire to move forward.

Maine Doe with twin fawns












A little piece of paradise!  I am blessed to have this for my backyard where I get to experience nature every day. Tales from daily excursions with my Springer Spaniel are sure to find their way into this website so take a walk through the pages and see if you can find Lily.

I am also blessed to know a cast of supportive and friendly characters who write and research, provide advice and knowledge, and give me encouragement and reasons to smile. Thank you to those who have helped bring this website forward and mega thanks to all who will keep it going.

While you are here take a look at our mission. You are invited to contact us with your suggestions for content, a directory listing or a referral to resources we might consider.

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