Cultivate Your Intuition:  Is this for me?

You were born with the ability to connect with and grow your intuition and to receive guidance along the winding road of life. Whether you use your intuitive skills or not you have them.  Your awareness and belief in your own power are the building blocks to cultivate...

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Find Your Why and How to Get Grounded

You've heard about the need to get grounded.The earth is an electrical planet and it’s no coincidence that your body needs and responds to the earth’s energy. Your body operates bio-electrically. When you get grounded you feel more connected. You feel better...

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Divine Inspiration Meets Distraction

Divine inspiration arrives in various ways. It lights up your life with ideas and passion as new opportunities arrive where obstacles used to exist. I’ve felt that ease and flow. More recently I’ve experienced the defeat of extreme distraction that left me searching...

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Ask For Help To Relieve Anxiety & Overwhelm

Change can often set off anxiety and a string of changes can roll you into overwhelm real fast. Everything changes and many of us are experiencing generous shifts.  Don't let the tides and changes of life cripple you. Ask for help to relieve anxiety and overwhelm....

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